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Go Direct Leads provides the highest quality auto finance leads in the industry we organically generate applications from over 1,000 auto finance websites that attract customers that are actively searching for a vehicle. Go Direct uses search engine optimization (SEO) social media optimization (SMO), and internet marketing through major search engines such as Google, Yahoo MSN & Bing.

Our websites are optimized to appear only in searches by people with sub to mid prime credit looking to purchase a car. Once the consumer enters one of our websites they fill out an application form and then they are immediately contacted by our full scale in house verification team. The verification team will then ask a series of questions to fully qualify the lead as someone actively in the market for vehicle. The data is then processed and sent directly to you. This information can be sent via email, cell phone or directly to our free CRM we supply you. You will have all the information required to make a sales call in a matter of minutes.

Our advanced account management system allows you to fully customize and target the auto leads you wish to receive. Go Direct also has an excellent return policy to ensure customer satisfaction and effectiveness. Get your auto leads today and see the quality you deserve.

Why Go Direct


We guarantee every lead to be an active buyer


We verify every lead before it is sold


Every lead is 100% exclusive